Get the best of both worlds by combining the scalability and flexibility of Public Cloud, the security and control of Private Cloud, and the high performance and reliability of dedicated hardware into a single solution with Dino Solutions’ Hybrid Cloud.  Whether your primary business needs customer data protection, effective content management, or seamless web application delivery, our Hybrid solution allows you the flexibility to put workloads where they perform best.  Dino Solutions’ Hybrid Cloud bridges our Dedicated Firewalls and Load Balancers, Physical Servers, SAN Storage, and world-class CDN housed in our state-of-the-art data center facilities, with Cloud Servers and Managed Backups – all backed by our redundant network and 24×7 customer support.  In addition, Dino Solutions’ Hybrid Cloud provides full cloud-based Disaster Recovery.

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  • Ability to Scale from colocation to cloud – all in the same facility
  • Direct Provisioning Capabilities
  • Dedicated Physical Networks & Firewalls
  • Multiple SAN Options (SAS Arrays, Hybrid Arrays and all Flash Memory Arrays)
  • Dedicated Connection to redundant NFS / CIFS Cloud Storage
  • Disaster Recovery via Zerto or SRM/SRA to Multiple Global Locations
  • Encrypted VPN tunnel or private link for enhanced security and seamless transfer of workloads between customers’ data centers and Dino Solutions

Fully Managed Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure

Our experts work with you to help plan, architect, and run your Hybrid Cloud environment. Dino Solutions takes full ownership of your Hybrid Cloud infrastructure, managing your servers, storage, networ, and application infrastructure in both Public and Private Cloud environments.

Control of Your Cloud

While we provide 24x7 support and monitoring, Dino Solutions also gives customers full control of their cloud environment. Dino Solutions Hybrid Cloud customers can leverage ZPanel to gain a single panel of glass view across their resources and monitoring tools, streamlining scalability based on specific business needs.


With the flexibility to securely and dynamically allocate specific workloads in either Public to Private Cloud environments based on their sensitivity, security needs and critical nature. The Hybrid Cloud also eliminates the need for businesses to replace all of their legacy technologies, resulting in substantial CAPEX savings.

Reliability & Disaster Recovery

Dino Solutions’ Hybrid Cloud combines scalable Cloud Servers with robust Private Cloud infrastructure housed in our redundant, state-of-the-art data center facilities. Our VMware-powered infrastructure is also backed by the agility and scalability of distributed platforms. Reliability and scalability make our Hybrid Cloud ideal for Disaster Recovery. Users can directly connect their physical infrastructure to Dino Solutions’ Cloud, which can be configured to mirror existing physical servers. Our Cloud Servers are equipped with a private network (VLAN), which can be merged into your existing physical network to allow for seamless integration and control of your server environment. In the event of downtime, all traffic can also automatically be diverted to Cloud servers.

Managed Add-Ons

Dino Solutions’ Hybrid Cloud allows you the flexibility and convenience of easily adding services to your Hybrid Cloud solution as you need them. Choose from Dino Solutions’ expansive ecosystem of proven Managed Services, including Cloud Storage, CDN, Managed Backups, Security, Email, and more.

Add-Ons For EverySolution
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