Downtime can be detrimental to business, reputation and brand. Dino Solutions’ Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) offering allows for optimized, speedy recovery and restoration of your data and applications in the event of a disaster by automatically replicating servers and infrastructure in the cloud.

Your critical assets are safe in Dino Solutions’ global, fully redundant data center locations. Should a primary site failure occur, your environment will automatically be switched to our Disaster Recovery location. With Dino Solutions, you can rest assured that your applications, websites and infrastructure will remain operational – even in the event of a disaster. Plan for the unexpected with our DRaaS solution.

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Simpler. Faster. Customized. Enterprise-class disaster recovery for virtualized and cloud environments.

Natural disasters. Power and hardware failures. Data corruption and loss. These things happen. But when businesses, especially healthcare organizations and financial institutions, can’t afford to put their critical assets at risk under any circumstances, they turn to Dino Solutions’ Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS). Dino Solutions’ DRaaS ensures business continuity and provides speedy recovery and restoration of your data and applications, whether your workloads reside in your own data center or in our Cloud.

State-of-the-Art DRaaS backed by Zerto®

Run VMware in your environment or even at another data center? Our VM-centric, hardware-agnostic DRaaS solution has you covered. Dino Solutions offers comprehensive Cloud-based Disaster Recovery powered by Zerto® that provides scalable replication with off-site backup as well as Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) in minutes and Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs) in seconds. Zerto takes DR from the storage level into the hypervisor. Leveraging Zerto’s hypervisor-based data replication software, Dino Solutions provides customers with real-time monitoring of RTOs and RPOs that is easy to manage and set-up with just a few mouse clicks. With Dino Solutions, you can replicate what you need, when you need it, and protect and recover applications, not just data.

Not all environments are created equal. Dino Solutions will work with you to create a custom Disaster Recovery Runbook specifically designed for your unique environment that ensures all services are back up and running as fast as possible following an interruption - regardless of where they are located. Dino Solutions automates all possible tasks to ensure faster recovery and integrates with third-party services via APIs to automate any required changes or notifications. Additionally, Dino Solutions helps you test your DR scenario to ensure it works as expected when needed.

Dino Solutions Public & Private Cloud

All Dino Solutions Public Cloud servers have the option of being replicated to any of our other facilities. This option can be added at any time. By running DRaaS for our customers on our own Clouds, Dino Solutions ensures the proper expertise, knowledge and automation for enterprise customers requiring Disaster Recovery for their on-premise Clouds.

On-Premise VMware Environment

Customers running VMware at their own location or third-party data center can easily replicate to Dino Solutions in real-time for Disaster Recovery. Dino Solutions provides customers with a vCenter plug-in, which allows them to fully control which VMs should be replicated as well as create groups, set-up SLA reporting, and much more. Customers have full visibility into their DR environment, including replication monitoring and reporting, as well as the ability to set-up a VPN tunnel, Metro Ethernet, or Point-to-Point link for data replication. Clients also have complete access to their DR site during testing and failover.

Development & Testing

Dino Solutions customers can login and fully test their disaster recovery plans without impacting production. Switching back to the production site is simple as well. We also work with customers to build custom Disaster Recovery Run Books, which outline processes and step-by-step directions for organizational preparedness, escalation and system restoration, enabling your business to efficiently recover from any outage or failure.

Cloud Storage

In addition to VM-to-VM replication, Dino Solutions also provides Direct Storage Disaster Recovery services, which work with all popular storage vendors and technologies. By enabling this seamless integration, Dino Solutions can fully manage your VMware environment as well as with any third-party storage services working alongside it.

To learn more about Dino Solutions’ DRaaS, call 1.888.373.2575 or Contact us.

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