Bandwidth Included:
10 mbps

Bandwidth Overage Fee:
$ 6.75 /Mbps

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Bandwidth Included:
100 mbps

Bandwidth Overage Fee:
$ 5.75 /Mbps

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Bandwidth Included:
500 mbps

Bandwidth Overage Fee:
$ 4.75 /Mbps

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Bandwidth Included:
1000 mbps

Bandwidth Overage Fee:
$ 3.75 /Mbps

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Having reliable web presence and boosting customer engagement is crucial to business success.  Today’s audiences have grown accustomed to faster content delivery and load times.  A high-performance Content Delivery Network (CDN) is the difference between building or losing customer satisfaction and loyalty, as well as substantial revenue gain or loss.

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  • Increase page speeds by 300-500%
  • No code or application changes
  • Beautiful UI and full-featured API
  • Fully managed with 24x7 chat and phone support
  • Supports RTMP, SSL, token authentication, and all mobile devices
  • Protect your origins with mid-tier caching
  • Amazon S3 buckets / any hosted origin-compatible
  • 'Push' data directly to CDN via API, SCP, or RSYNC

Fast, Reliable Content Delivery

Dino Solutions’ next-generation CDN leverages the latest in web server technology, network routing, and hardware to ensure fast delivery of digital media for your audience – no matter where it is located. From video broadcasting/streaming, social networking and media libraries, to interactive media, software distribution, and gaming servers, our CDN ensures your critical content will be delivered efficiently and reliably.

High-Quality and Global Availability in Milliseconds

Dino Solutions customers benefit from reduced hops, no cache misses and a global file system that is managed to the level of microsecond IO latency. Dino Solutions’ CDN instantly replicates content on servers closest to your audience, resulting in less jitter and higher-quality streaming. Data is globally available to broadband and mobile audiences within 300ms.

Robust, Fault-Tolerant Network

Dino Solutions’ global, multi-homed network and globally dispersed datacenters are fully redundant and able to handle massive traffic growth, enabling us to offer a 100% network uptime SLA. Highly secure and protected against DDoS attacks, our network also features private interconnects to virtually all carriers in major metro areas.

Efficient Deployment & Scalability

Best of all, Dino Solutions customers never have to move servers or make complex changes to their environment in order to achieve faster content distribution. Flexible enough to grow with your requirements, our CDN is designed to scale to meet growing user demand. As with all of Dino Solutions’ solutions, your CDN is also backed by our 24x7x365 expert support.


ZPanel provides you with complete transparency across your CDN environment, as well as the tools and support needed to set up and manage your site and features. Our advanced analytics and reporting feature enables you to keep track of performance and usage. CDN can be directly integrated into your Cloud Services and Load Balanced Clusters quickly via ZPanel, requiring no hardware upgrades or configuration modifications.

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